Create a subscription for your content

Receive a monthly fee from your patrons and provide access to video content directly from your website.


The benefits of online video memberships

Generate a new revenue stream

Expanding into online video can help you grow your audience, create an all new source of income and allows you to monetize your archive content.

Improve Your Website

Improve your website with new functionalities

We help you build the infrastructure to host live and archived video directly from your existing website, giving you complete control over the experience.

Music royalty coverage

Using OnGenre means you won't have to worry about online music royalties, as we arrange this all for you.

Music Royalties

Subscription Demos

Different integration options to suit your needs

Pop-Out Subscriptions Widget
Pop-Out Subscriptions Widget

See how a Pop-Out subscription widget would appear on your website.

See Demo
In-line Subscriptions Widget
In-line Subscriptions Widget

Integrate your venue subscription within your website's content.

See Demo
Standalone Subscription Page
Standalone Subscription Page

Display all your subscription products without integrating OnGenre onto your website.

See Demo
Demo Symbol Get a personalized demo to see what OnGenre would look like on your website

Create a subscription for your video content in no time

Steps to start

Step 1
Create a subscription product

From the Host Panel, go to the Subscriptions page and press Create a Subscription Product. From here, you set the name of your new subscription, upload an image, and provide a description with a list of benefits (your sales pitch).

Create a Subscription
Step 2
Setup your pricing

With your Subscription Product created, you can now setup your pricing. You can simultaneously accept payments in different currencies and for different billing periods (Monthly and/or Annually).

Step 3
Select the content accessible by subscribers

Open your newly created Subscription Product control page and select Edit Included Content. On this page, you can select the livestreams and on-demand videos that are available to subscribers. You can also make the subscription All Access, giving subscribers access to everything your venue has to offer.

Upload Content
Step 4
Integrate onto your website and start earning revenue

Once you've setup your subscription, you can integrate the subscription onto your existing website (see OnGenre Docs for further information), and start receiving regular cashflows from your patrons!


The functionality you need, without the complications of building and maintaining it.

High Definition
High definition

Upload videos in high defintion up to 2K and with high-fidelity audio.

Generate Income
Generate income from your content

Make the most of your past content by enabling your audience to view for a fee.

Music Royalties
Multi-territory royalty coverage

Reach an international audience, expanding your reach and revenue.

Secure Paywall
Videos behind a secure paywall

Ensuring your content is only viewed by those who have paid.

Fits as a widget on your existing website

Make use of our widgets to seamlessly add online video to your website.

Archive Content
Bring new life to your archive content

Upload your past content to bring new viewers to older material.

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