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A professional solution built exclusively for the arts
Sell tickets and view streams from your existing website
Full-HD livestreaming with high-fidelity audio
Livestream music royalties included

OnGenre Ticketing

How it works

OnGenre Platform
Choose an embedded widget
Choose one of the OnGenre widgets enabling you to sell livestream tickets straight from your website and paste the code onto your site
Stream to the OnGenre servers
At the time of your live event, you stream to the OnGenre servers and viewers can watch directly from your website, or from the OnGenre app and can cast to their TVs
Event revenue
Receive your livestream ticket revenue within 3 days of the event

Flexible and easy to use

Features to make livestreaming a breeze

Card acceptance

Accept payments with all major credit/debit cards and Apple Pay/Android Pay

Music royalties

We cover the livestreaming royalties for a number of territories

Ticket management

Easily set/adjust ticket prices and cap sales quantities as desired

Tip jar

Enabling viewers to show performers additional appreciation in-event

In-event chat

Viewers can chat with the host others in real-time during an event


iPhone/iPad and Android apps allowing for Smart TV casting and more

Options for integrating on your website

Choose from one of our simple to use embedded widgets or create your venue/artist page

Popout Widget
Pop-Out Widget Demo
A pasteable widget which embeds into your website and opens above your existing content.
In-line Widget
In-line Widget Demo
A pasteable widget which embeds into your website and appears within your existing content.
Venue Page
OnGenre Venue/Artist Page Demo
An OnGenre page tailored for your needs which shows all your upcoming livestreamed events.
Event Page
OnGenre Dedicated Event Page Demo
An OnGenre page for a specific event.

Our Pricing

OnGenre Livestreaming Package

Start monetizing your venue's streams in from your current website in no time.

No commitment or up-front cost

Frustration free: easy to implement and use

Unlimited bandwidth full-HD livestreaming with high-fidelity audio

Livestream music royalties covered for a number of international territories

Accept all major credit/debit cards, as well as Apple/Android Pay, and receive payments within days of your event

Combined ticketing and livestreaming at a lower cost than many ticketing solutions charge for just handling payments

All brought to you from a company with over 40 years of entertainment industry expertise

Venues receive
of ticket revenue*

*For US-based event hosts, viewers watching from a non-US location may encounter an additional ticket surcharge of 5% Get Started Now!

Custom Solution

For large events and festivals, you may want a solution that is more tailored to your needs

Benefit from all of the above features

Our team work closely with you to create a solution that suits your requirements

Contact us for details

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During this challenging time, additional revenue generated by ticketing your livestream event can help your venue get back up off the ground
Revenue boost

There is an audience ready and waiting for high-quality livestreamed content from venues like yours

Socially distanced venues

With in-venue capacity constraints, livestreaming your event on OnGenre will significantly increase your audience, creating the perfect hybrid concert

Low cost

OnGenre ensures venues and artists come first and offers a highly cost-effective livestreaming solution

No in-venue video equipment? No problem.

We can help you to arrange an installation of livestreaming equipment for your venue, or for a one-off event you can book a camera crew with expertise in livestreaming directly from us.

For further details and pricing information, please contact us.

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Start livestreaming events from your website today!

The Benefits of Livestreaming Events: The Hybrid Model
OnGenre Articles

The Benefits of Livestreaming Events: The Hybrid Model

The Hybrid Model enables venues to increase income by diversifying their revenue stream by no longer being solely reliant on ticket sales for in-person events.

OnGenre Livestreaming | Thursday 17 Sep 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

OnGenre is brought to you by Sound Recording Technology (SRT), a company that has been at the forefront of the entertainment industry for decades.

More information about OnGenre can be found on our Who We Are page.
No. The OnGenre livestreaming solution can cater for an event of any size.
As detailed above, we offer a number of integration options. If you choose to make use of one our widgets, we will provide you with a couple of lines of code to paste to your website.

If your website is coded in a framework such as Squarespace, Wordpress or similar, simply contact us and we can assist you in integrating the OnGenre livestreaming solution with your existing site.
Yes. We have ensured that our streams cannot be copied off by viewers and our solution prohibits one ticket purchased through OnGenre from being viewed by more than one user simultaneously.
You can start ticketing your livestream through OnGenre in no time at all! Simply create an account and choose your integration type. Then, create an event, set your price and any ticket quantity limits as required. When it's time for your event, stream your event to our servers and relax!
We have an article entitled Equipment for livestreaming from your venue that can provide you details about the hardware that you'll need.

There's also more information on the logistics of livestreaming in our Perfecting your livestream article.

You can book a camera crew with expertise in livestreaming directly from us. For further details and pricing information, please contact us.

For details on how to stream to our servers, refer to the OnGenre Documentation.

Providing the very highest standard for livestreamed events

Reach Your Audience in HD
Reach your audience in full HD

We deliver livestreams in full HD and handle the livestreaming royalties so you don't have to.

Mixing Desk
From a company with decades of experience

OnGenre is brought to you by Sound Recording Technology, established in 1968.

OnGenre Support
Support you can rely on

Attentive and personal email and phone support from the OnGenre team.


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