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Music Royalty Coverage

Licensing your website to allow video content that includes copyrighted music is complicated.

Our solutions ensure you don't have to worry about this for multiple territories.

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Multi-territory coverage

Our agreements with Performing Rights Organizations enable most events run through OnGenre to be broadcast in multiple territories around the world.


Making your life easy

Online music royalties can be very complicated, especially internationally, which is why we do this part for you, making your life easy!

Submission form

For all events that you run through OnGenre, you must submit a Royalty Submission Form. This ensures that the money for music royalties ends up in the right hands.*

*It is your responsibility to ensure that the information submitted to us about the works featured is 100% accurate.

The extent of OnGenre's Royalty Coverage

What we cover...

Performance royalties

The online equivalent of the royalties you pay for performing in person.

What we don't cover...

Sync rights

When an event is not live, the synchronization rights must be obtained from the music's publisher

Grand rights

These are relevant for dramatic performances, this includes stage performances such as musical theatre, concert dance, and arrangements of music from a dramatic work. The permission to broadcast such an event online must be obtained from the publisher of the work being performed.

Master rights

These are the rights that cover a previously created sound recording. This means your live streams should not include music from albums that have been released.

Content Originating in the UK Content Originating in the US
Events viewable in The world (excluding Argentina, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Cuba, Mauritius, Mexico, Paraguay, Peru, and Uruguay) The US + UK
Time shifting Events are to be presented live or as live (i.e. exceptions for geographical time shifting within 12 hours of first transmission and/or pre-recording to facilitate presentation). Events cannot be time shifted and must be streamed live, unless you have the appropriate sync licenses for all the works featured in your event.
Restrictions Works licensed by GMR are not currently covered, meaning the works listed here cannot be included in streams run through OnGenre.

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