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Livestreams & On-Demand Events

Start monetizing your content from your current website quickly and easily

Receive 80% of revenue

Unlimited viewers
International music royalty coverage for livestreamed events*
*Coverage includes the US, UK. Find out more.

Benefit from the features of OnGenre:

Full control of your events

Create and modify your hosted events, making use of the many offered ticketing options

Customize your integration

Decide how you would like your chosen integration to appear for the end-user

Complete transparency

See any of your event's payment as they come through with the click of a button

And many more...

See further feature details here

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Create a subscription, enabling supporters to view both livestreams and on-demand content

Receive 80% of revenue

Your subscription price must be set at $9.00/month or more.
If you wish to charge less than this, contact us to discuss your options.

Cater to an unlimited number of subscribers
International music royalty coverage for livestreamed events*
*Coverage includes the US, UK. Find out more

A subscription would enable you to:

Provide access to your livestreams and on-demand content for a monthly fee

You can have different levels of subscriptions, e.g. a Livestreams Only subscription and an All Access subscription available for different prices

Create a source of monthly revenue

A subscription can provide you with predictable revenue flows from month-to-month

Charge in the currency of your users

Each subscription that you create can be simultaneously priced in multiple currencies, catering to the preferences of your viewers

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A Bespoke Solution

A custom built solution to fit your unique requirements

Use your existing payments system

We can work with you to integrate OnGenre with your current e-commerce/payments system

A custom-built online video solution

If you have very specific requirements, we can build something to suit your exact needs

Work closely with our team

With a bespoke solution, we'll work with you at every step to make sure you're happy with the end-user experience


OnGenre Documentation

From initial setup, creating and editing events to getting your money, our clear, concise documentation makes everything crystal clear.

The Perfect Solution for your Events

Built exclusively for arts venues and professional performers

Fast to Launch

Easy to use

We enable to you to integrate OnGenre on your site and start selling tickets in minutes. The solution is a perfect match for any artist, venue or festival.

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Ideal for festivals

With uncertainty about when the world will return to normality post-Covid, our solution can provide some joy to those wishing to join in from home.

OnGenre for Festivals

Global Reach

Globally scalable

For any event, big or small, we have you covered and enable you to reach an international audience with our multi-territory music royalty coverage.

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Encrypted paywall

Events streamed through OnGenre are secured behind an encrypted paywall, ensuring only the ticket purchaser can watch your content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No! OnGenre doesn't charge upfront costs. We only take a cut of revenue, so we only make money when you make money!
No. The OnGenre Online Video solution can cater to events and hosts of any size.
If you choose to make use of one our embeddable widgets, we will provide you with a couple of lines of code to paste to your website. Examples of the integrations are available on our Demos page.

If your website is coded in a framework such as Squarespace, Wordpress or similar, simply contact us and we can assist you in integrating the OnGenre with your existing site.
Yes. Video streamed through OnGenre is encrypted to ensure that content cannot be copied off by viewers and our solution prohibits tickets purchased through OnGenre from being viewed by more than one user simultaneously.
You can create your livestreams, on-demand events or subscriptions through OnGenre in no time at all! Simply create an account and choose your integration type. Then, create an event or a subscription, setup your pricing and off you go.
We have an article entitled Equipment for livestreaming from your venue that can provide you details about the hardware that you'll need.

There's also more information on the logistics of livestreaming in our Perfecting your livestream article.

You can book a camera crew with expertise in livestreaming directly from us. For further details and pricing information, please contact us.

For details on how to stream to our servers, refer to the OnGenre Documentation.
No, the price that you set as the host will be the priced paid by the viewer to watch any given event.

Start ticketing and broadcasting your arts events

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