An On-Demand Video Solution for the Arts

The easiest way to charge viewers to watch your content.

On-Demand Content

11 Reasons OnGenre will Suit Your Venue

The functionality you need, without the complications of building and maintaining it.

High Definition
High definition

Upload videos in high defintion up to 2K and with high-fidelity audio.

Generate Income
Generate income from your content

Make the most of your past content by enabling your audience to view for a fee.

Music Royalties
Create a subscription for your content

Subscriptions are a brilliant way to keep your patrons entertained and engaged.

Secure Paywall
Videos behind a secure paywall

Ensuring your content is only viewed by those who have paid.

Fits as a widget on your existing website

Make use of our widgets to seamlessly add online video to your website.

Archive Content
Bring new life to your archive content

Upload your past content to bring new viewers to older material.

On-Demand Event Integration Demos

Different integration options to suit your needs

Popout Widget
Popout Widget

Paste a button to your website and have livestreams and on-demand content open above your site's content.

See Demo
Inline Widget
Inline Widget

Integrate a livestream or on-demand event within the body of your website's existing content.

See Demo
Host Page
Host Page

An OnGenre page tailored to your needs which shows all your livestreamed and on-demand events.

See Demo
Dedicated Event Page
Event Page

An OnGenre page for a specific livestreamed or on-demand event.

See Demo

Monetize your on-demand events in no time

Steps to start

From event creation, to the end-user viewing experience, we ensure the experience is seamless.

Step 1
Create your On-Demand event

From the Host Panel, go to the On-Demand page and press Create an On-Demand Event. Here you set the name of the event and setup the pricing.

Create an Account
Step 2
Upload your Video File

With the event created, you now need to upload the video to make the event active and ready to accept payments.

OnGenre Host Panel
Step 3
Integrate onto your website and start earning revenue

With your event created and video uploaded you can collect payments and allow patrons to view the video content directly from your existing website (more info in the OnGenre Docs). Alternatively, the event can be purchased and viewed directly though the OnGenre website.

Payment Page

Host PanelHost Panel

A simple-to-use panel to control your on-demand events.

Complete control of your events

Create and modify your hosted events, making use of the many offered ticketing options

Complete customization options

Decide how you would like your chosen integration to appear for the end-user

Complete transparency

See event payments as they come through with the click of a button

Host Panel

Ready to start?

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