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The benefits of online video memberships

Simplicity for your non-profit

Donation box

Modernize your donations

Provide an incentive for your supporters to give you donations by providing them with exclusive video content.

Film camera

Just film the content

We handle every part of the online video process — from payments to encryption. All you need to do is film the content.

Global Reach

Instant global reach

Accept donations from your international supporters in the currency of their choice, helping to boost your revenue.

EducationWe provide discounts for educational establishments. For details, Contact Us

From symphony halls and orchestras to art museums and educational establishments, we have solutions for the needs of all non-profits

Ticketed livestreaming

Integrate ticketed livestreams on your existing website. Works alongside your existing in-person ticketing solution.

Ticketed livestreaming


Monetize your past events and archive content with just a few clicks, enabling viewers to pay for the content they want.


Subscriptions New

Generate revenue from your patrons with a subscription which provides your viewers with access to your content.


Music royalty coverage

Our services all come with multi-territory royalty coverage for livestreams, taking out the legal complexity of online video.

Music royalty coverage

Reinvigorating the arts by bringing the stage to homes


Concert attendance annually in the US


Theater attendance annually in the US


The number of jobs in the US arts and culture industry


Generate a new revenue stream

Expanding into online video can help you grow your audience, boosting interest in your in-person events, and creating an all new source of income.


Improve your website with new functionalities

We help you build the infrastructure to host live and archived video directly from your existing website, giving you complete control over the experience.

Music royalty coverage

Using OnGenre means you won't have to worry about online music royalties for livestreamed events, as we arrange this all for you.


What types of video content might you provide?

Livestreamed events
Existing archive content
Existing content
Technical content: lessons/analysis
Behind-the-scenes content
Rehearsal footage

Already have an online donations solution? We can work with you to add online video as part of your existing membership offering.

We will engineer a bespoke solution that integrates with your exising donations system to seamlessly provide online video content to your patrons as part of your membership.

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