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Generate monthly revenue from your supporters

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Online video doesn't need to be costly or time consuming


Create a subscription, providing your viewers livestreams and on-demand video content, and receive monthly cashflows in return!

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What types of content could you provide?

Livestreamed events
Existing archive content
Existing content
Technical content: lessons/analysis
Behind-the-scenes content
Rehearsal footage

Integrating OnGenre with your existing website doesn't require any coding or hours of costly development

It's super easy to use and can be integrated in minutes!

Subscriptions are a reliable revenue source

Creating an online video membership can bring you predictable revenue flow, providing an excellent new source of monthly income.

Revenue growth

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Just film the content. We'll handle the rest.

We handle every part of the online video process — from payments to encryption. All you need to do is film the content.

Did you know?

Viewers are more likely to regularly watch content they have paid for as compared with free content.

Attentive viewers of online content will be more likely to attend in-person events.

No more video stress

Music royalty coverage for livestreamed events.
Integrations that are compatible with any website.
Bespoke and off-the-shelf video solutions available.

The future of online video

Instant payouts
Get instant access to your funds with instant payouts from our payments handler, Stripe.
The Arts
OnGenre's video infrastructure was designed exclusively for the arts. Livestreams come with music royalty coverage.
Streamed content is encrypted, and available cross-platform providing seamless viewing for all.

Instant global reach

Get monthly subscribers from your international supporters in the currency of their choice, helping to boost your revenue.

Improve Your Website

Improve your website with new functionalities

We help you build the infrastructure to host live and archived video directly from your existing website, giving you complete control over the experience.

Music royalty coverage

Using OnGenre means you won't have to worry about online music royalties for livestreamed events, as we arrange this all for you.

Music Royalties

OnGenre's Host Panel is the command centre for your online content

Host Panel Mobile Host Panel

Full control of your online video from the Host Panel

Create/control your events and subscriptions

Effortless create events and subscriptions, and monitor payments as they come in

Customise the integration's stying to suit your venue

All our integrations are customisable so they'll match the style of your website

And much more...

From controlling your payouts to uploading free promo videos for your viewers, the Host Panel controls everything


4 simple steps to get started.

OnGenre is really easy to use and integrate.
There are just 4 steps:
1 Create an OnGenre account
Create an account
2 Select your OnGenre product
OnGenre products
3 Create your event/subscription
4 Integrate on your existing website