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All aspects of livestreaming, including music royalty coverage, in one easy-to-use platform.

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Steps to start broadcasting

From event creation, to the end-user viewing experience, we ensure the livestreaming experience is seamless.

Step 1
Create your livestreamed event

From the Host Panel, go to the Livestreams page and press Create a New Livestreamed Event. Here you set the name of the event, select the time/date, and setup the pricing.

Livestream Event
Step 2
Integrate on your website/start selling tickets

With the event created, you can now embed the event on your existing website, using the OnGenre widget (see the OnGenre Docs for info), or simply begin selling tickets straight from the OnGenre website.

Payment Page
Step 3
Stream to the OnGenre servers during the event

When it's event time, start streaming the video content to the OnGenre servers using the Stream Key for the event provided in the Host Panel. A full explanation of how to do this is in the OnGenre Docs.

Stream to OnGenre
Step 4
Provide royalty details (if applicable)

If your livestream featured a live performance of one or more copyrighted works, you must provide a Royalty Submission through the Host Panel on the Royalties tab.


Why OnGenre?

Our industry-leading solution provides flexibility for venues, artists and festivals

11 Reasons OnGenre will Suit Your Venue

Ticketing Options
Packed with ticketing and streaming options

Our Host Panel provides a multitude of livestream ticketing options, alongside timed rebroadcast functionality and more.

Find out how to get started
Works alongside your existing ticketing solution

If you are also selling tickets for an in-person event, OnGenre can sit nicely alongside your existing ticketing solution

The Perfect Solution for your Events

Built exclusively for arts venues and professional performers

Fast to Launch
Easy to use

We enable to you to integrate OnGenre on your site and start selling tickets in minutes. The solution is a perfect match for any artist, venue or festival.

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Ideal for festivals

With uncertainty about when the world will return to normality post-Covid, you can provide some joy to those wishing to join in from home.

OnGenre for Festivals

Global Reach
Globally scalable

For any event, big or small, we enable you to reach an international audience with our multi-territory music royalty coverage.

Encrypted paywall

Events streamed through OnGenre are secured behind an encrypted paywall, ensuring only the ticket purchaser can watch your content.


Perfect for all types of events


Live from a concert venue or from the comfort of a studio, OnGenre provides a platform that will integrate seamlessly into any venue or artist website.


Bringing the Comedy Club atmosphere to homes across the world. By livestreaming your show, you are no longer constrained by your venue's capacity.


OnGenre can be the perfect livestreaming partner for shows from theatres around the world.

By livestreaming your event, you could substantially increase the revenue and reach of your festival. With uncertainty about in-person audience sizes throughout 2021, livestreaming can provide you with a guarantee of income.


From masterclasses by virtuoso musicians to live theatre workshops, OnGenre provides a solution which can suit your needs.

Reinvigorating the arts by bringing the stage to homes


Concert attendance annually in the US


Theater attendance annually in the US


The number of jobs in the US arts and culture industry

Four ways to integrate

Different integration options to suit your needs

Popout Widget
Popout Widget

A pasteable widget which embeds into your website and opens above your existing content.

See Demo
Inline Widget
Inline Widget

A pasteable widget which embeds into your website and appears within your existing content.

See Demo
Host Page
Venue Page

An OnGenre page tailored for your needs which shows all your upcoming livestreamed events.

See Demo
Dedicated Event Page
Event Page

An OnGenre page for a specific event.

See Demo
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Resources to help you livestream

Helping you at every step

OnGenre Articles
Read our articles for the latest on livestreaming, alongside helpful tips to maximize your event revenue.
Integration Documentation
The OnGenre Docs provide technical documentation with info on how to integrate and make use of all the features.
Phone Support
For any further information about all things OnGenre, simply call us for expert advice and assistance.

No in-venue video equipment? No problem.

We can help you to arrange an installation of livestreaming equipment for your venue, or for a one-off event you can book a camera crew with expertise in livestreaming directly from us.

For further details and pricing information, please contact us.

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The Benefits of Livestreaming Events: The Hybrid Model

The Hybrid Model enables venues to increase income by diversifying their revenue stream by no longer being solely reliant on ticket sales for in-person events.

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Marketing Your Livestreamed Event: 4 Tips to Boost Sales

Many of the principles that apply to in-person events apply online, but there are a few things you can think about to ease the transition to livestreaming and hybrid events.

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Event creation options to suit your needs


Allow viewers to rewind and pause during a live broadcast

Rebroadcast at another time*

Ensure that viewers can enjoy your event at a sociable hour

Tiered ticketing

Sell tickets at different prices based on when they are bought

Post-event availability*

Make your event viewable hours/days after the event

Restrict ticket sales

Set a maximum number of tickets available for your event


Choose whether viewers can show additional appreciation

*Due to rights reasons, the availability of these features depends upon the nature of the event being broadcast

Host PanelHost Panel

A simple-to-use panel to control your livestreamed events.

Complete control of your events

Create and modify your hosted events, making use of the many offered ticketing options

Complete customization options

Decide how you would like your chosen integration to appear for the end-user

Complete transparency

See event payments as they come through with the click of a button

Host Panel

Features to make livestreaming a breeze

Make use of OnGenre's feature-packed offering

Card acceptance

Accept payments with all major credit/debit cards and Apple Pay/Android Pay

Music royalties

We cover the livestreaming royalties for a number of territories

Ticket management

Easily set/adjust ticket prices and cap sales quantities as desired

Tip jar

Enable viewers to show performers additional appreciation in-event

In-event chat

Viewers can chat with the host others in real-time during an event


iPhone/iPad and Android apps allowing for Smart TV casting and more

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