Broadcast your venue to the world

Providing you with a platform on which to livestream performances at your establishment to the world

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Providing the very highest standard of livestreamed events

From a company with decades of experience

OnGenre is brought to you by Sound Recording Technology, established in 1968.

Reach a global audience

We deal with the transmission and international livestreaming royalties so you don't have to.

Support you can rely on

Attentive and personal support from the OnGenre team.

During this challenging time
OnGenre can help your venue get back up off the ground
Revenue boost

There is an international audience ready and waiting for high-quality livestreamed content from venues like yours

Socially distanced venues
With in-venue capacity constraints, livestreaming your event on OnGenre will significantly increase your audience, creating the perfect hybrid concert
Low cost
OnGenre ensures venues and artists come first and offers two highly cost effective options

Two options to suit your requirements

OnGenre Ticketed

The simplest option, start monetising your venue's streams in no time.

Makes your life easy

OnGenre sells the tickets, accepting all major credit/debit cards, as well as Apple/Android Pay

Payments made to venues within days of the event

Venues receive
of ticket revenue


The option which allows you to sell tickets through your own website.

Sell tickets on your own site

Gives you full control over event ticketing

A viewing token is provided for each ticket sold

More complicated to setup

Venues pay
per viewer hour

Features of OnGenre Livestreaming

Steps to Broadcast

Legal Points

Great features shared by both options

Full HD video streams delivered to your viewers
Choose from two different cost effective options
Ability to set limits on maximum number of event attendees
Rely on attentive and personal support from the OnGenre team
No need to deal with music royalties for a number of international territories
Tip jar feature enabling viewers to tip the performers to show additional appreciation

Steps to Broadcast


- Audio output

- Multi-camera setup

Connect up your cameras to a vision mixer (something like this - the Pro version allows your to stream straight to our servers without additional hardware)

- Preferrably have 2 high-speed internet connections

connect these to a load balancer as a failsafe

Further details available below in our Livestreaming Tips


Decide whether you want to choose the OnGenre Ticketing option, or the Self-Ticketing option based on what suits your venue's requirements.

Next, you can register with us


- Create your event

- Provide us with all your event details

- Start selling tickets through our website

- Start promoting your event

- Build anticipation and excitement

- Decide how many viewing tokens you require (you can add more later)

- We provide you with the tokens

- Sell tickets for the event through your own website

- Send your ticketholders their unique access tokens to view the event


Using the stream link that we send you, you broadcast straight to our servers, and we deliver the live video content to your viewers.


Once your event has completed, provide us with a content declaration informing us what copyrighted music was performed during your livestream.

This ensures the publishing royalties are allocated to the right people.

Legal Points

  • Payments will be made into your account a few days after the performance
  • It is your responsibility as the streamer to ensure you have the correct contractual agreements with the Record Labels of any performers.
  • We provide details to the Performing Rights Organisations of any works that have been performed during a stream based on your content declaration. You must ensure that this declaration is accurate.

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Frequently Asked Questions

OnGenre is a livestreaming platform for professional video streams from the world of music and the arts. It strives to become an online community for the cross-genre appreciation of the arts.
OnGenre is brought to you by Sound Recording Technology (SRT), a company that has been at the forefront of music production for decades.

More information about OnGenre can be found on our Who We Are page.
We offer two options for venues looking to livestream and the cost depends on which option your choose. Find out more here.
After you complete our OnGenre Broadcaster registration form and we have completed processing your application, you can begin to broadcast within hours.

When you're a livestreamer, you can create your events on our website and begin to sell tickets on our platform.
We have an article entitled Equipment for livestreaming from your venue that can provide you details about the hardware that you'll need.

There's also more information on the logistics of livestreaming in our Perfecting your livestream article.

All our features can be used from any device by simply heading to, but to facilitate future functionality we are currently developing iPhone/iPad and Android apps.