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11 Reasons OnGenre will Suit Your Venue

Online video solutions built for the arts

Ticketed Livestreaming

Ticketed livestreaming

Integrate ticketed livestreams on your existing website. Works alongside your existing in-person ticketing solution.



Monetize your past events with a fee to watch each video. A great way to generate revenue from your archive content.



Generate revenue from your patrons with a subscription which provides your viewers with access to your content.

Generate a new revenue stream

Expanding into online video can help you grow your audience, selling more tickets per show, and creating an all new source of income.

Audience Interaction

Audience interaction

Make use of our tip jar and chat functions to engage with members of the online audience

Music royalty coverage

If some of your comedy shows feature music, our royalty coverage ensures that this can be featured in your online broadcasts.


Improve your website with new functionalities

We help you build the infrastructure to host live and archived video directly from your existing website, giving you complete control over the experience.

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Our offerings are highly cost-effective and stress-free


Full-HD broadcasting

All content is delivered to viewers in full HD and with high-fidelity audio

Looking to broadcast a one-off event at your venue? We can help with providing camera crews to broadcast your event

OnGenre can help you source a production crew to broadcast your event and provide the best quality experience for your viewers.

For further details and pricing information, please contact us.

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Expert support on your side

More than a platform. A partner

Revenue boost

An online video offering from your comedy club could increase your revenue and help to keep your patrons engaged.

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From livestreaming, to on-demand content and subscriptions, OnGenre offers a number of solutions that can suit your comedy club's unique needs.

Attentive Support

From the initial implementation of the platform on your website through to help with the continuous usage of OnGenre, we'll be with you each step of the way.

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