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Ranked: All the musicals I have seen

Friday 5 June 2020

A list of all the musicals I have seen, in order of preference, with short reviews of each.

Ranked: All the musicals I have seen

These shows are listed in order of my favorite to least favorite.

Hamilton- Broadway OBC
Professional, awe inspiring, and does live up to the hype.
Company- West End original cast
The music truly sells this show (music and lyrics by Stephen Sondheim), and the gender flips and new character identities bring a modern twist.
Wicked- Kennedy Center travelling cast
The first professional production that I saw, in 2007. Back then I didn't quite understand that live performances sound different than the recordings, so I thought they kept getting the notes wrong (silly me). The show is phenomenal.
Rent- Boston Opera House
I had been dying to see a performance of rent and it did not disappoint. The live show added an element of emotion that you don't get from the cast album.
Come From Away- West End
The cast album by itself does not do the show justice. This show is spectacular live as it blends the stories of the travelers and the community that took them in.
SIX- American Repertory Theater
I really loved SIX and as soon as I left the theater I wanted to see it again. It felt like a concert and a musical all in one. Read more about my experience that night.
Dear Evan Hansen- Broadway
I thought it was a good show and was surprised by how small the cast was. I enjoyed the musical; it felt like a very professional production with great actors, great direction and a great score.
West Side Story- Kennedy Center
I saw this in a bilingual format, so I didn't understand half of it, but still enjoyed it.
Les Miserable- Broadway
Though it was very long, I was in a Les Mis phase when I saw it and really enjoyed it.
Waitress- West End
The story is rather weird, but I did like the Sarah Bareilles score.
Lion King- Broadway
The costumes were just phenomenal. All over great visual production.
Beautiful the Carole King Musical- Broadway
I really loved the story, and though the songs are a bit older for my generation, I still knew them.
Legally Blonde- Kennedy Center Travelling Cast
I love the movie, and really loved the show when I saw it. I always love a good story about a female underdog.
On Your Feet!- Broadway OBC
This show was great and I wish it were more popular. Great story, great cast, great songs.
Dreamgirls- Kennedy Center
I enjoyed seeing Dreamgirls.
Matilda- West End
Matilda was very cute and I was quite impressed with the talent of the very young cast. It did feel at times that it was geared towards a younger audience though.
In the Heights- Rialto Theater, Atlanta
I did very much like the musical, but I feel like some of the songs lost me in the storytelling.
Beauty and the Beast- Broadway
I saw this one with Donny Osmond as Gaston, so that was amazing and had my mom swooning. I thought it was a good show, but was surprised at how much of the story they changed from the movie to the play.
Jersey Boys- National Theater
Another great show, but I did find it to be a little long.
Frozen- Broadway OBC
Fun light show that had a good cast, new songs not in the movie, and a really good set.
Once- Lowell Theater
I really liked the score.
9 to 5- West End
It was a cute show and the music was fun, but the storyline is absolutely absurd.
Mean Girls- National Theater: Previews
My expectations were way too high for this one. I wish Tina Fey got someone else besides her husband to write the score as I felt it was lacking.
Tootsie- Broadway
Very light-hearted and silly. It was a fun watch.
Good show I would say the genie really makes the show come alive and the magic carpet scene was great.
Anastasia- Broadway
I would say the storytelling is the strongest part of this show.
The Little Mermaid- Broadway
Another show where the costumes were great. The sea creatures roller skated while "underwater."
Maybe Happy Ending- Alliance Theater, Atlanta
Super weird story, but I actually got really into the desire, despair, and the drama. I also liked the score.
Grease- Kennedy Center
Good show, I enjoyed seeing it live.
Pretty Woman- Broadway
Another one that was underwhelming. The score could have been a lot better (one of the songs was very reminiscent of Phantom of the Opera which I found weird), however Samantha Barks really stole the show and I liked the strong female ending.
Motown- Broadway
I felt like I was at a concert as opposed to a play. I wish there was more of a story.
Memphis- Broadway
It was a good show with a strong score.
Simply Simone- Rialto Theater, Atlanta
I really learned a lot about Nina Simone. Good storytelling for sure.
Charlie and the Chocolate- Boston Opera House
I found it strange that in a show about kids all the actors were adults besides Charlie. I did like some of the songs though.
School of Rock- Boston Opera House
It was fine and cute, but nothing to write home about.
Miss Saigon- Boston Opera House
I found this one to be very long, in addition to the fact that my seats were not that great so I couldn't hear the words in the songs that well.
Little Shop of Horrors- Syracuse Stage
I know I might get hate because this is such a classic, but I really didn't find the book or score to be that great.
The Band's Visit- Fox Theater
I had extremely high expectations considering the Tony nominations, but I was thoroughly disappointed. It was so long, I liked maybe two songs, and I feel like the plot took me nowhere.