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Reaching New Audiences with Livestreaming

Monday 22 February 2021

With livestreaming, a venue's in-person capacity can become a secondary concern. The potential reach of your events can suddenly become limitless.

Reaching New Audiences with Livestreaming

During and post-pandemic

At OnGenre, we believe that streaming events online is a great way of expanding audiences and reaching more people. By creating streams of events on your website, you stand to broaden your reach to many more people than could attend an event in person.

At the moment, there are big obstacles between you and your audiences. The pandemic has forced many venues to close their doors, permanently in far too many cases. While it remains unsafe to gather together indoors in the places we would usually like to, we want to do something to preserve the experiences we are missing out on.

However, even after we can return to the venues we love, we believe that the services we provide will continue to be a creative and useful way of connecting with audiences.

Benefits of livestreaming

There are two main benefits to using streaming online as a means of expanding your reach: our streaming capability allows you to expand into international territory; and with our customisable service, people can experience your events on their own schedule.

The internet stands to truly come of age as a result of this pandemic, as we collectively realise its potential to do away with geographical boundaries in the worlds of work, and of recreation.

We are constantly striving to improve the tools we have developed to ensure that venues and artists no longer have to appeal to a small group of local people, but can expand their scope to an increasing number of territories internationally.

Livestreams will complement your in-person events

It is neither likely nor desirable that expanding into the virtual realm will replace the experience of attending an event in person. Visiting a venue in the flesh gives customers a night to set aside, to go for a drink or a meal with friends, and enjoy a performance in the presence of their favourite performers. However, venues that can successfully market events streamed online could massively expand their audience. We expect that this process will help venues, artists, and others to increase revenue in concert with reach, and build a global audience.

Venues can also expand their audience by suiting their online streams to the schedule of their audience members.

OnGenre functionality

One exciting feature of our service is the ability not only to broadcast an event live, but to allow the customer to choose when they access the event stream. We want your customers to be unconstrained by rigid timetables if those prove to be a factor in their decision-making process.

This is part of what allows our partners to broadcast to international markets, by accommodating customers in multiple time zones, but it also means that customers can experience events they might ordinarily have missed. Although it can be a pleasure to attend an event in person, it can also be demanding in terms of time, money, and planning, and getting around those barriers will be a great way of growing an audience online.