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Perfecting your livestream

Wednesday 17 June 2020

Tips from OnGenre about how to best go about livestreaming a performance

Perfecting your livestream

Treat your livestream as a live event and build excitement
  • Despite the ongoing pandemic restricting venue capacity, it's best to treat your livestream as you would an in-person event.
  • Build up excitement about the event. Announce and list the event a number of weeks in advance.
    • As an OnGenre Broadcaster, you can create your event page and begin selling tickets on our platform as many weeks as advance as suits you!
  • Restrict event availability to create a sense of exclusivity, making use of our maximum ticket allocation features.
    • OnGenre allows you to very easily set quantity restrictions as soon as you create your event listing.
  • If you typically have a support act at your venue, have one for your livestream!
  • If allowed, and deemed safe, it would be advisable to have at least a few people in the audience at the venue. To create the sense of a live event, it's important for livestream viewers to hear the audience providing encouragement to the performers.
Ensure you have the right hardware setup for a seamless, high-quality viewer experience
  • To create a truly brilliant livestream event, it's best to have a multi-camera setup in your venue, connected to a vision mixer, which in turn can be connected to a capture card which streams the content direct to our servers.
    • We have an article dedicated to advice about putting together a livestreaming setup entitled Equipment for livestreaming from your venue.
    • Something like this allows you to vision mix and stream the content to us directly in one single piece of hardware.
    • Alternatively, if you already have a multi-camera setup and vision mixer, you can simply make use of a capture card connected to a computer. There are many high-quality capture cards available to choose from.
  • To ensure a completely flawless stream, even in the event of internet connection instability, it is a good idea to invest in a load balancing router.
    • A load balancer is a type of router that enables you to connect it to more than one internet source. In the event of one connection becoming unstable, it can seamlessly switch you over to using another connection.
    • This requires you to have more than one internet connection at your establishment. In the event that the provision of multiple internet connections is problematic, you can make use a 4/5G connection which can be your backup connection to your load balancer.
  • The OnGenre team is always available and can answer any of your questions about your specific hardware setup. Contact us!
Have events at different times to cater to people in different time zones
  • In some cases, it may be advisable to perform the event a number of different times to maximise your global audience.
    • As OnGenre allows for the broadcast of events in a number of territories, you should consider what time your event is performed to cater to the different time zones of the world.
Be consistent with your streams
  • To maximise repeat viewers, be consistent with your streams - perhaps run them at consistent times or on the same day of the week each time.
Make use of our interaction functionality
  • Communicate with the livestreaming audience.
    • As an OnGenre Broadcaster, the audience can interact with the venue and artist by using the OnGenre in-event chat features.

If you'd like more details about joining OnGenre as a venue, see our Becoming a Broadcaster page or feel free to contact us.