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Festivals: Brilliant Moments Captured

Tuesday 17 November 2020

OnGenre will provide a livestreaming solution tailored to all the unique requirements of your festival that will integrate seamlessly on your existing website.

Festivals: Brilliant Moments Captured

OnGenre is committed to helping you reunite viewers with their favourite acts, and with our help, your festival can welcome guests again by streaming live online, long before large crowds can safely return in person – and long after.

We’re ready to tailor our service to your unique needs. Festivals vary hugely in scope, duration, capacity, and schedule. Whether your festival is used to welcoming dozens, or thousands, OnGenre can help you boost attendance capacity.

Our service is versatile and customisable, so that you have the freedom to ticket your festival however you feel is best. You can issue tickets for individual acts or stages; for single days, or the duration of the festival.

By streaming events live, you can safely broadcast your festival to more people than ever before, expanding to a global audience without creating the need for extra physical space. While the coronavirus continues to spread, we don’t want anyone to miss out, and OnGenre will allow you to continue to entertain vulnerable groups, or anyone anxious about attending events. Livestreaming could be the perfect way to make up for lost revenue, and keep going through this turbulent period.

OnGenre offers you a unique streaming service online, allowing you to host events via your own website, centring your brand in the viewer experience. All OnGenre streams are encrypted, and hosted behind secure paywalls, to keep your event from being hijacked or spread elsewhere online for free, and we take care of royalties and other expenses so that you don’t have to.

Our mobile device apps allow viewers to cast their streams to smart televisions. This service is brought to you by Sound Recording Technology, a company with decades of experience and a proven track record in liaising with clients directly to ensure that you are satisfied with our service.