Our mission is to enable you to broadcast events from your website

With a focus on providing you with the very best support, our innovative offering makes it easy for you to host ticketed events on your website. From ticketed livestreams to subscriptions, we have a solution to suit the online video needs of the arts.

Whether you want to broadcast a music festival, or a single performance, our fully customizable service can be tailored to suit your needs, and help you monetize your events for an online audience.

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About us

OnGenre was formed to offer an easy way for performers and arts venues to be able to monetize online video and livestreams on their own website.

It is a feature-packed and cost-effective method to professionally broadcast events.

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Social Distancing

We were inspired by the events of 2020 to provide a way for the arts to broadcast live events to remote audience. As the pandemic continues to change the way we engage with the arts, and even after we can safely return to venues in-person, we believe our livestreaming solution can connect venues and artists with their audience, and expand their reach to untapped territories.

We provide you with the infrastructure to monetize video content on your existing website, and sell tickets to events streamed live, and stored in your archive. What's more, we take care of rights, royalties and legalities so you don't have to worry about it.

We seek to provide the very best service to broadcasting venues and audiences alike.

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Providing the very highest standard for livestreamed events

Reach Your Audience in HD
Reach your audience in full HD

We deliver livestreams in full HD and handle the livestreaming royalties so you don't have to.

Coding in an Office
Bespoke options built for you

We work closely alongside clients to build bespoke offerings with no up-front cost!

OnGenre Support
Support you can rely on

Attentive and personal email and phone support from the OnGenre team.

Why OnGenre?

Built exclusively for arts venues and professional performers

Easy to Use

Easy to use

OnGenre's livestreaming solution is easy to use and is a perfect match for any artist, venue or festival

Fast to Launch

Fast to launch

We enable to you to integrate OnGenre on your site and start selling tickets in minutes

Globally Scalable

Globally scalable

For any event, big or small, we have you covered and enable you to reach an international audience

Meet the Team

Jack Richardson
Jack Richardson
Jack is a big jazz fan and is always travelling to be at venues and festivals to see his favourite performers. He is a clarinettist. Alongside his musical background, he also is a self-taught programmer and has developed a number of media-industry solutions. As the founder of OnGenre, Jack seeks to bring the live event experience to the comfort of people's homes.
Lisa Horowitz
Lisa Horowitz
Co-Founder, Head of North American Operations
Lisa has worked for GE and McMaster-Carr, an eCommerce company, and has used her data analysis and leadership skills to drive innovative change in her roles. Her passion for live theater and concerts is unparalleled, and she is always excited to know what's new in the musical theater world. Lisa currently lives in Atlanta, GA and leads North American Operations and company-wide recruiting efforts.
Bertie Lange Hewlett
Bertie Lange Hewlett
Business Development Manager
Bertie, a university graduate in Communication & Society and Philosophy, has an avid interest in live events such as festivals and concerts. His life has heavily involved him in media and broadcasting since his teenage years. Bertie has a huge passion for all aspects of the arts including seeing his favourite comics and music artists all over the country.
Billy Brooks
Billy Brooks
Head of Marketing
Billy has always been passionate about the arts, and catching his favourite musicians, comedians, and other performing artists live. He has been in multiple recording and performing bands himself, playing guitars and keyboards. Billy is trained as a journalist, and joined the OnGenre team in its first year as head of marketing.
Kazim Haider
Kazim Haider
Head of Strategy
Kazim has worked in management at both Amazon and McMaster-Carr, and has led global initiatives through his tenure in management. Though not musically gifted himself, Kazim has a deep appreciation for the arts, and is inspired by creators. Kazim currently lives in Chicago, IL and is excited to contribute to the growth of OnGenre.
David Richardson
David Richardson
Senior Advisor
David is an English music producer, audio engineer and musician. He founded Sky Studios with rock band Jethro Tull, the studio later became leading facilities house, Sound Recording Technology (SRT). He is also a pianist and has spent his career heavily involved in many areas of the music industry.

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