OnGenre enables arts venues to broadcast and monetize their livestreamed events.

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About us

OnGenre was created to become a leading platform for the professional livestreaming of arts events from the major performance venues of the world.

As part of Sound Recording Technology, a business with decades of entertainment industry expertise, we seek to provide the very best service to broadcasting venues and audiences alike.

Timeline of our parent company:
Sound Recording Technology

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Vinyl Record

Studios opened in Luton, UK with rock band Jethro Tull.

Speaker Driver

New studios opened.

SRT record label and custom fulfilment.

The Eurythmics

New vinyl manufacture plant capable of producing a perfectly playable Picture Disc with Advanced Control Systems.


CD Mastering and Manufacture

Classical Music Productions in Cambridge, UK


Audio & Avid Video Post Facilities in Kensington, London


Download & Streaming Label HD High Res Music Label.


Development Custom High Tech Music Delivery System.


OnGenre is launched

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