11 reasons OnGenre will suit your venue

Reason #1

OnGenre is the Online Video Solution Engineered for the Arts

From livestreams to subscriptions, we've got you covered.

Ticketed livestreaming with multi-territory music royalty coverage
Subscriptions / venue memberships
On-demand video
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Reason #2

Super easy to use — integrate in minutes

Integrating OnGenre with your existing website doesn't require any coding or hours of costly development.

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Reason #3

Expand your audience

Reach a global audience, and generate additional interest in your venue.

Global audience

Reason #4

Complement your live in-person events

Create a venue subscription, giving your patrons access to exclusive behind the scenes content, interviews and more.

Live concert

Reason #5

Subscriptions are a reliable revenue source

An online venue membership can bring you a predictable revenue flow, providing an excellent new source of monthly income.

Revenue growth

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Reason #6

Pricing simplicity

You will receive 80% of all revenue for all your livestreams, subscriptions and on-demand events.

Pricing simplicity

Reason #7

Encrypted cross-platform video

Video streamed through OnGenre is encrypted to ensure the content is protected.

It's also available cross-platform, allowing every viewer to enjoy a seamless viewing experience.

Encrypted video

Reason #8

In-depth documentation

OnGenre's features are all explained in detail in the OnGenre Docs. From how to use the Host Panel to the best way to stream to our servers, it's all fully explained.

User manual

Reason #9

Expert support whenever you need it

We ensure that any of your problems are answered promptly by our UK and US based teams.

Expert support

Reason #10

Take full control with the OnGenre Host Panel

From creating events and subscriptions, to managing payouts, everything OnGenre has to offer can be controlled from the Host Panel.

Host Panel Mobile Host Panel

Reason #11

It's the convenient and worry-free solution for your venue

OnGenre provides the perfect way to provide your patrons with online content that complements their in-person viewing experience.

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There's an OnGenre solution for every online video problem.

Ticketed livestreaming

Integrate ticketed livestreams on your existing website. Works alongside your existing in-person ticketing solution.

Ticketed livestreaming


Monetize your past events with a fee to watch each video. Generate revenue from your archive content.


Subscriptions New

Generate revenue from your patrons with a subscription which provides your viewers with access to your content.


Music royalty coverage

Our services all come with multi-territory royalty coverage, taking out the legal complexity of online video.

Music royalty coverage


OnGenre Docs
OnGenre Documentation
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Livestreaming Tips
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OnGenre for Music Venues
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